Introducing Live Webinars

This is the comment I hear most often when I present at conferences and the good news is, now they can. In response to your needs, Live Webinars - a cost-effective way to bring Jill to your company - are now available. Work with Jill one-on-one, and enable your leaders and colleagues to experience her highly rated employee engagement presentation live via video conference.

• It’s as easy as scheduling a time for your webinar and Jill will set-up the video conference.
• Your employees will be able to see Jill and she will be able to interact with them.
• You choose the presentation length (45, 60 or 90 minutes).
• Bulk discount on Jill’s book to reinforce the message and use as a giveaway to employees.

You Have Two Choices...

1. Continue owning employee engagement on your own and making modest progress OR

2. Engage leaders and colleagues in your employee engagement journey, and
realize measurable results within six months.

What Will You Choose?