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If Not You, Who?
How to Crack the Code
of Employee Disengagement
(Keynote or Webinar)

Organizations in the top tier of employee engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and have a 90% better growth trend than their competition. However, only 34% of U.S. workers and 15% of global workers are engaged, meaning the majority sleepwalk through the day. How do you inspire employees to get off the sidelines and get into the game? Jill has a proven strategy to turn disengaged workers into a unified high-performing team, resulting in increased revenue, customer satisfaction, productivity, pride, loyalty, and retention. Priceless.

Proven Strategies to Keep Remote Workers Engaged, Enthused, and Effective
(Keynote or Webinar)

We are living in unprecedented times – ‘work’ as we know it has changed. In order to thrive, organizations must re-invent themselves and embrace the new normal. Are remote workers incredibly productive? Yes, but they also tend to feel more disengaged and neglected. In a day and age when people are ‘sheltering in place,’ the companies that will come out on top are the ones which create and execute a strategy to effectively manage remote workers.

How to Dramatically Reduce Employee Turnover Without Increasing Compensation

Think that employees are not resigning because they are distracted by the recent economic upheaval? Think again. Millions of respected employers are hiring and high-performers know they can write their ticket regardless of the economic landscape. For this reason, you must learn how to engage and retain great talent through measures other than money. Because let’s face it, you are under pressure to do more with less.

Employee Engagement From
A to Z: How to Execute a Successful Journey
(Webinar or Workshop)

This session lays out the Employee Engagement Roadmap from start to finish. From engaging senior leaders, to determining who is on the Core Team, to gathering baseline engagement data, to developing the strategy, to engaging managers and holding them accountable, to measuring progress, this content is a must for any organization that is about to embark on a journey or whose journey is not realizing the desired results.

Perfect for Conferences, Leadership Team or Manager Meetings, Customer Events, and User Group Meetings.

In-person events can include a Meet-and-Greet and Book Signing, which are sure to engage attendees.

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